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What's Mtl Secret  

It's a website that allows you to have access to promotions or 
exclusive discounts in bars, 
restaurants, clubs and 
local businesses. 
Thanks to geolocation, 
Mtl Secret lets you 
discover new places 
near you and let's you
save money with all its partners

By joining 
Mtl Secret, you encourage local businesses 
and you enjoy 
discounts from each affiliated establishment. 


Sign up now !

It's easy
Once the email is confirmed 
Choose your method of payment

You enter your personal information and you confirm your email

You access the secure Stripe platform for payment.

It's simple, economical and safe! 


By becoming a member, for only 50$ a year, you have access

 to all offers every day. Yes yes, that's right, in 24 hours, you have access to it again. Plus, you're encouraging Quebec businesses !

How it Works

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